Retail / Restaurants

Bob Tomes Ford: A car dealership building and parking lot expansion.

Frisco Boat & RV Storage: A boat and RV storage facility in Hackberry, Texas. The facilities consisted of covered and uncovered spaces and a sales office.

Christian Brother Automotive: These automotive sites consist of 9 bay, and approximately 5,000 square foot automotive repair buildings. These sites have been constructed in various cities throughout Texas.

Firestone Eldorado: A 7,600 square foot retail and automotive service building located in McKinney, Texas.

Goodyear: An 8,130 square foot vehicle and service repair building in Rowlett, Texas.

Lee Lighting: Approximately 25,000 square foot retail building in Arlington, Texas.

First National Bank: A 6,100 square foot bank building located in Farmersville, Texas.

Community Bank: A 5,000 square foot bank site with 3 drive-thru lanes in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Bank of the Ozarks: A 5,100 square foot bank site with 3 drive-thru lanes and a free standing ATM island in Allen Texas.

Alliance Bank: A commercial bank building of 2,594 square feet in Greenville, Texas.

First Bank: A 5,771 square foot bank in Princeton, Texas.

First Bank Stonebridge: A bank site consisting of 5,300 square foot bank and general office space in McKinney, Texas.