In 2003 Jon David Cross founded Cross Engineering Consultants.  The office is located in downtown McKinney, Texas – a beautiful small-town city where any visitor is treated with the quintessential southern hospitality.  Even though there is a strong presence of authentic Cross Engineering work in and around the charming city McKinney, their work is spread throughout over 100 diverse cities across the southern United States.  With their primary client base of municipalities and the development community, their extraordinary work and attention to customer needs is shaping the industry into something so much more than it has ever been.

When companies seek out the services of civil engineering firms, what do they look for?  Do they look at the past projects since they are almost always representative of future work?  Do they focus on how their money can be spent to receive the most work for the smallest cost?  One can only assume that every potential customer does a check and balance to see how their money can be spent while receiving the optimal results.  With Cross Engineering, the projects speak for themselves, the cost is always based on quality and quantity and most importantly, the customer service is on the house.

In this cold and inherently calculated industry of civil engineering, Cross Engineering knows that the customer is the most important element in every project. Every step of the way, Cross’s engineers work hand in hand to ensure the quality of work and of service is extraordinary.  Most of Cross’s new projects, come from current clients not only because Cross produces excellent work, but because the relationships that are formed are irreplaceable.